Lost Memories

I was having a conversation with a friend about the fragile nature of our digital world. We’ve made fantastic advancements in technology over the past 100 years and are creating content at an unprecedented pace. The irony of it all is that digital storage mediums, as we know them, are terrible for long-term storage. One day your hard drive with pictures, videos and documents – memories – will demagnetize and just disappear.

How will future generations see us 2,000 years into the future? Will they know anything about us? The concept seems crazy.

This short film is called Lost Memories, it takes place in Paris in the year 2020.

The film was written, directed and post-produced by Francois Ferracci, and it’s pretty damn good! In spite of it all, the geek in me thinks that it would be pretty cool to see technology like this – just not the dependency that the technology enables.

The Nest 2.0 Arrives

If you follow beautiful products for the home you’ll be pleased to hear that Nest has released their latest Learning Thermostat the Nest 2.0.

Along with a 20% thinner design and updated software the new Thermostat adds an asterisk connector that opens up compatibility with far more heating and cooling systems.